Helpful Info for The Daffodil Challenge

To have the opportunity to work with all of you on this project is amazing, thank you. This is going to be such a stunning piece to look at and also a deeply emotional and rewarding journey for everyone involved.

To help us on our creative path, I thought I would put together a few useful reference sites for inspiration.

You can also find copies of my two tutorials that were included in your kit.


Alison ❤

Daffodil Instructions

Daffodil Pattern_crochet

Fabric & Felt Daffodil Pattern

Crochet Inspiration


The beginners guide to crochet- download here, it’s free!

Crochet 101- a You Tube channel full of delightful instruction on how to crochet!

How to half double crochet

Picot Stitch- used on the trim of the daffodil trumpet


Felt & Fabric Inspiration

Felt Daffodile

Top 10 hand embroidery stitches

Some fabulous tips and basic embroidery projects (nothing daffodil focused but great for stitch ideas)

A great You Tube page full of hand embroidery videos



Daffodil Pinterest Page

Because, to me, Pinterest is a place of serenity, beauty and inspiration…. here is a Pinterest place of colour and daffodil goodness.


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