I’m a Yarn Artist. Sorry, what’s that?

I had planned on writing about my progress for my Eden Unearthed piece, giving you all regular updates, snap shots of the progress and the ups and downs of my journey however I simply haven’t had the time! With the install date getting very close and the weekly Optus daffodil workshops, plus my other marketing job, oh and the kids, school holidays, life…. the list goes on. Needless to say, the wonderful creative blog I intended to write got put to the back of the to do list.

Today, I am sitting home alone for a few hours, the kids at school, hubby out teaching in the City and as usual, I have been talking to myself (yep, I answer too!) and discussing where I am at with just about everything.

file-4One thing I asked myself about was the term ‘yarn artist’ and why people think it unusual that yarn can be used as a medium to create art. If I was a painter and hang on, is that a song??? Anyhoo…. if I was a painter, a portrait painter say, and I was introduced as an artist, this is how the conversation may go:

“Hi, what do you do?”

I’m an artist.

“What kind of artist?”

I am a watercolour portait artist.

…. From here, someone may say ‘wow, do you exhibit?’, or ‘where do you sell your work?’ perhaps they may say ‘who inspires you?’ ‘do you use other mediums or just watercolour?’

Conversations I have had recently about being labelled a yarn artist, go something like this:

“Hi, what do you do?”

I’m an artist.

“What kind of artist?”

I’m a yarn artist.

….. This leads to responses like ‘ooh, what’s that?’, or ‘I can crochet too, I’m quite good’, maybe ‘do you sell jumpers?’, or perhaps ‘I didn’t know an artist could be a yarn artist’.

I am not saying there is anything wrong with that as all conversation about art is awesome however why is yarn not considered an art medium and is more about a hobby or something grandma did. I have no idea what the answer is but I thought it was interesting given the number of different materials that are used to create art, whether painting, sculpting…. simply creating.

20117057_1054750611323480_5868662493428157418_oI spent a few hours at a workshop last week hosted by two amazing men, Arne & Carlos. They were funny, extremely talented and totally comfortable being male knitters. They drew inspiration from nature, their local history and family connections. The pieces they created have been used in the fashion industry and supported by not only major designers but also Vogue Knitting. Both Arne & Carlos and also the editor of Vogue Knitting, Trisha Malcolm, referenced craft as an art form and not just as a hobby. It has so much to offer and as any art form, is open to individual interpretation and enjoyment. Yarn has such an inspiring story, from sheep to shop, the journey and the people involved in that journey. The connection with so many industries is huge along with the benefits of yarn craft on health and wellbeing as I well know.

A piece of yarn, before it is made into its forever form, has a beautiful journey and inspiring story. It embraces the elements, is loved and shaped, coloured and packed without knowing where it will end up. Will it be a newborn’s beanie, a blanket for a stillborn baby, a weaving that sits above a log fire and enjoys a family game of scrabble or will it be joined with other colours and sent back to nature, wrapped around trees and branches having the sun beating down and the wind whistling through it’s fibres.

Yarn is a versatile piece of art, however you choose to use it.

file-1I am going to continue to be a yarn artist as I love it. It makes me happy and I feel very privileged to be able to create and share my love of yarn, colour and nature with anyone that wants to take a look!

Back to crocheting for me, there is one hell of a deadline looming!!

Me xx



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