About Me

I have been working in marketing in some shape or form since arriving in Australia in 1996. From retail through to major ad campaigns and events, I have worked either behind the scenes or in a key project management role.

As with everyone, I am sure, life is full of ups and downs and right now I am in an awesome place. Recently married, two beautiful kids, a loving family and focusing on what I love.

Getting to this place has been an interesting ride and compared to many, really not that challenging. I recently lost my son during pregnancy. We were 20-weeks and I gave birth on the 4th June 2013. It was something I never thought would happen to me, something that only ever happened to other people yet here I was having a stillborn baby boy and having to organise a funeral.

It was a devastating time and something that hurts every day but with two kids, life goes on. So as much as I wanted to crawl into a corner and not cope, cope is what I had to do.

What this time did provide was a completely different look on life. It made me really think about what was important to me and what I really wanted. After losing our baby boy we moved house, my husband got a really intense contract and I was suddenly a full time stay at home Mum with minimal income I could say that I had personally brought into the family. This wasn’t something I was used to at all. Fast forward to today and I am really happy with the decisions I made and where I am today.

For some reason, when we lost our baby boy I took to knitting. I always loved knitting but I was constantly knitting, at every available opportunity! My mum had bought me a sewing machine earlier in the year and that also started getting a work out. All I could think about was creating something- sewing, knitting, crocheting, paper craft- you name it, I was doing it!

I found craft a wonderful escapism and after feeling it was somehow my fault we lost our little boy, that my body hadn’t ‘worked’, I was proving that I could be good at something, I could create something successfully. This is how I got to where I am today, along with amazing family, friends and a super supportive husband that tolerates my constant justification for buying more yarn and more fabric.

I am now working part-time and the rest of the time I get to hang out with the kids and enjoy life. I am also appreciative of the opportunity to explore the world of craft and find areas that I truly enjoy and can start to make a business out of.

So, I would love for you to stay with me on this journey and explore activities and see the creations- perhaps even buy something if I am really lucky!!

As part of this wonderful journey, I am lucky enough to be working alongside friends at 2Think to establish workshops called Hazy Dayz- you can read more here.

Chat soon!



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